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TurnAround specializes in a variety of training workshops aiming at different objectives and multitude of audiences. The main focus remains on causing a difference in the lives of the participants and contributing meaningfully in the productivity & profitability of corporate houses. TurnAround attempts to create an ambiance that simulates the corporate world to sensitize workforces to the dynamics and critical nuances of the highly competitive business environment. TurnAround has been providing trainings/consulting in many corporate groups & impacting the lives of many individuals leading to a positive attitude, higher productivity, successful habits and a balanced life.

TurnAround works with an organization on the assumption that most of the wisdom and expertise needed already exists in the people of that organization & limits our job just to help them draw on that competence; possibly expand the range of information they are looking at; and offer ways to understand and act on the information and wisdom they have.

Our Training programs include
  • Top Management Programmes
  • Management Development Programmes
  • Soft Skills Trainings
  • Sales Trainings (Product / Industry Specific)
  • Human Resource Trainings
  • Communication & Personality Development Programmes
  • Worker Development Programmes (Both in English & Hindi)
Why Us?
  1. Effective and Productive Team.
  2. Healthier and Efficient Organization
  3. Self Disciplined and Motivated Workforce.
  4. Convert Organization’s internal data into actionable information & Strategy.
  5. Provide measurable results through actionable consulting
  6. Employees will not do enough to get by but will do enough to get ahead.
  7. Employees will easily understand the difference between an error and a mistake.
  8. Employees attitude & belief in themselves will change from just “Saying” to really “Doing”

Training Programmes:

Some of our training programmes we have imparted/can impart apart from the customized programmes is as follows:

Team Building through Outdoor Games:
This workshop lasts for 2-3 days wherein people are exposed to various management games and adventures, which manifests into closer relationships and team building.

Communication & Personality Development Programme:
This workshop is designed especially for students and executives who aspire to do something in life but are not aware of their own self. We at TurnAround help individuals to groom their personalities by teaching them the effective Communication Skills, Personality Development, Body Language, Style Of Personal Presentation, English Language etc. By learning about one’s own individuality and behavioral style, one can better understand the effect he/she can have on others and how they can increase their personal effectiveness. It includes:
  • Communication Skills
  • Power Dressing
  • Business etiquettes
  • Self Assessment
  • Healthy Body
  • Role Of Internet
  • Body Language
Sales & Marketing Human Resource Trainings Top Management Programmes Management Development Programme Worker Development Programmes (Both in English & Hindi)
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