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Contrary to the general myth that more the number of pages better is the chance of getting the interview, the fact actually is that most of the candidates don’t know what type of resume will fetch them the interview, the resumes are made based on a chain reaction of sort where a well prepared resume is copied by a number of close associates like friends, colleagues, cousins, seniors, etc. Just because it appeared presentable everyone copies it & fit themselves in that format & hopes for the interview call….but never gets it! The logic is simple key skills, industry, professional exposure; etc of every individual are different or unique, if by chance assume such resume fetches an interview but during the interview process the mismatch between the resume presentation & verbal presentation will be evident to the interviewer.

Resume Analyzing Services:

Analysis of resume by qualified engineers & management post graduates highlighting the weaknesses (on resume presentation side) in a resume at free of cost before potential employers see it, wherein a candidate has a choice of getting the resume drafted by us or can draft himself/herself after the weakness on the presentation side are highlighted by TurnAround As a mark of respect for the senior professionals with more than 15 years of Industry experience the Resume Analyzing service is free of cost.

Resume Drafting Services:

Now-a-days most of the resume writing organizations make resume based on pre-defined templates that fail to create an impact since every employer & recruiter knows that it is a bought out resume & interview hit-ratio for such resumes is low. Moreover candidates are required to submit resume also and they just fill the key skills of the resume in their template which is a two minute job. In such a scenario there is no value addition to the resume for an experienced professional as a junior professional will have exactly the same format.

We do not have any templates & neither are candidates required to submit existing resume. The resume will be customized based on candidate’s personal discussion with the resume drafting expert about his/her background, education, career goals, key skills, strengths & the growth path. All the resumes are custom written & no two look exactly alike. Our job in writing the resume will be to distinguish you from rest of the crowd to increase the interview hit ratio.

We draft resumes based on the current trends of searching candidates on the job portals. The basis of our resume writing is to get your resume seen by as many recruiters as possible with the use of technology & the key words (Powerful words & psychological triggers). Try us once & see the difference.

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