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Based on a concept which differs from other employment agencies, our flexible unique approach allows us to tailor our service to suit our differing clients’ needs. Team TurnAround realizes that the success of a client’s business is integral to its own success. We therefore offer a dedicated recruitment solution, aimed at providing long term, cost effective business partnerships.

Traditional Recruitment Approach:
  • It is often not based on job analysis and knowledge of behaviors is not gained.
  • Often prepared questions are not used and there is little or no documentation
  • Questions may not help to gain specific information from applicants and expectations are also often not explored
TurnAround Scientific Approach: (Competency-Based Recruitment & Staffing)
  • Candidates screened on competencies (knowledge + experience + behavior)
  • Assessment based on behaviors required in the job
  • Tools include interviews, reference checking, role plays, performance tests
  • Assesses the competencies required in the job
  • Use past performance (behaviors) to predict future performance
  • Structured interviews and rating process
  • Very high validity
Our Recruitment Management Services Include:
  • Top and Senior Management Recruitment
  • International Recruitment
  • Project Based Recruitment
  • Head Hunting
  • Reference Checking
Why Us?
  • Reduce HR services costs, improve service quality & curtailed lead time to respond.
  • Careful study of the critical factors including recruitment market size, candidate behaviour, salary expectations, candidates need & value addition by him to the organization & exercising a great deal of psychological judgment in order to build workforce with right portfolio of skills and knowledge & implement the hiring deadlines inline with the Organizational Strategy.
  • Automated browser-enabled database for speedy matching of profiles.
  • Track-record of working for highly critical positions for Trans-nationals operating from India & closed those positions in less than a fortnight some of which were pending for more than a year also.
  • Active involvement with the client organization and precise market feedback regd the expectation of the Organization and availability in the market.
  • Working on PAN India basis & history of placing candidates at the remotest possible places in India as well as advanced countries across the globe.
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